Every Finger is Connected With 2 Organs: Japanese Methods For Curing About a 5 Minutes!

Did you know every finger on your hands can trigger recovery of two organs of your body? This is a technique used in a Japanese healing art called Jin shin Jitsu. In reality, this can likewise assist in supporting or balancing your emotions just by pressings a particular point on the finger which is the stimulant for that emotion.

These considerable points on your fingers control the energy circulation in your body, thus identifying the physical and psychological health of your body. It’s a basic and easily manageable alternative treatment to keep health and ward of illness.



Choose the finger to the matching organ requiring treatment. Hold it tightly with your other hand for a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes. Breathe deeply as you press and massage the finger related to the organ. Repeat this with the other hand. Doing this for about 3 minutes on every finger is motivated to keep all your organs healthy.

Let’s look at the organs related to each finger.

1. Middle finger

Organ: it represents the liver and yolky bitter.

Physical: Migraine, Fatigue, Forehead pains, menstrual discomfort and circulatory problems.
Emotional: Anger, aggravation, absence of focus and concentration.

2. Ring finger

Organs: Large intestinal tract and lungs.

Physical: Asthma, skin problems, digestion issue and respiratory illness.
Psychological: Negative thoughts, unhappiness and fear.

3. Thumb

Organs: Spleenwort and stomach.

Physical: Stomach ache, skin concerns, nervousness and headache
Emotional: Concern and depression problems

4. Forefinger

Organs: Urinary bladder and kidney

Physical: Muscle and back discomfort, tooth ache and digestion issues
Psychological: Worry, confusion, dissatisfaction

5. Little finger

Organs: small intestinal tract and heart

Physical: bone trouble, heart concerns and throat pain
Emotional: Stress and anxiety and self confidence problem