7 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Older And Fatter!

Your age can definitely change your clothing style. That means that inappropriate skirt, or improper hair color or length can add even 10 pound or 10 years to your appearance.

We can all make mistakes but the important thing is to know how to identify them and correct them so than you can accentuate your advantages and hide your disadvantages. Here are the 10 most common mistakes women make which are adding years and pounds to their appearance.

Too much black

Black is elegant in almost every occasion. Yet, as you get older, the black becomes the color that you need avoid. Namely, by getting older your skin becomes whiter and black hair and dark clothes will create too much contrast. This contrast will draws a lot of attention to your entire defect like the wrinkles, dark circles etc.

For that reason you should dye your hair in some brown shade. In that way you will look at least 5 years younger. If you are fan of the little black dresses, you can wear it, of course, just make sure that you include some colorful accessory.


You should never try to hide behind oversized clothes it can just make you look bigger. You might think you’re hiding your excess fat but what you’re completely wrong. Buying the right size of clothes should always be the first rule you follow when you go shopping. Just find the style that compliments your figure the best and stick to it.

Wearing too long skirts

It’s a rule – beware of undefined sizes. Skirt up to mid calf does not even advantage the 20 years old mannequins, so give it up. A mid-knee skirt suits you best louder than a clumsy one. Choose a knee length or above the knee and you’ll see how much better you’ll look.

Wrong type of glasses

If you wear glasses you need to be extra careful to choose the right frame for your face shape. Don’t buy the first that comes your way or the cheapest. Look through some magazines to see what’s in style and what shape fits you face and decide. You will be wearing them for a long time so even if they’re a bit expensive they’re worth it.

Don’t go shopping with the wrong person

You have to be careful who are you going with when shopping for clothes. Some dresses fit perfectly on 20 year old girls, but they won’t fit you too. Quite the opposite! You will probably look ridiculous and stupid in that same dress. To avoid misunderstanding, you can still be trendy, but you have to make sure that you adapt your clothes to your age. That is why you should choose some fashionable accessories that will suit your outfit.

Watch out for stumpy shoes

Platforms are still popular, but not necessarily a good choice for you if you passed 30 years and 60 pounds. Choose slim variant for your shoes.


A scarf can be cool, but instead of wearing on the neck, you can connect your bag handles (contrasting color) or you can turn it into a silk bracelet. Also, beware of small brooches worn on the lapel. If you are a fan brooches, choose some oversized ones and use it to complete a jacket or a skirt.