She was 30 years and 116 kg: She threw this commodity from the diet and now she looks like this!

Not only she managed to lose nearly 50 kg, but now looks younger, and feels incomparably better!

35 – year old Vanessa Dodsvort of Lincolnshire 5 years ago has had an amazing 116 kg.


She couldn’t put nothing on her anymore, she felt and (according to her) looked disgusting. Didn’t want to have a mannequin body, just to have a normal weight and to feel nice and cozy when she get out.

But the biggest problem was chocolate and biscuits Flepcheks (biscuit full of sugar and fructose corn syrup). As she said, she literally became depended of them.


The moment when the number on the scale was reaching 117 kilos, and people began to evaluate her as a 50 – year old woman, Vanessa decided it was finally time to take something about the excess weight.

Just at the same time, Vanessa’s husband was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph glands and this further contributed to her decision to lose weight.

“I realized that life is too short and I had to lose weight faster,” Vanessa revealed.


She began from the hardest one – renounced form her favorite sweets – chocolate and biscuits which she ate at least three times a day. After several days, the desire for them disappeared and Vanessa started to eat healthier food, and began to walk because she knew that physical activity is necessary.

After one year, Vanessa lose an amazing 48 kg and has never felt better!


Today she is proud of her weight, which is a healthy 68 kg and everyone say that she looks 10 years younger.

“I’ve never been so happy, I wear normal size clothes and look much better,” said briefly the satisfied Vanessa and told all the women that it is possible to have a healthy body if you put a little effort in it.