The Sleep-Sock Trick You Can Use to Fall Asleep Faster, Avoid Cracked Heels And Stay Cool

Sleep is essential to human body, as during the time of sleeping, the body undergoes regenerative processes that are essential to health and restoration.

The lack of sleep leads to fatigue and impeded function of the entire body, so it is of high importance that you get the needed 8-hour sleep every night. Moreover, some people wear their socks during the night, as they can easily drift off, and we will reveal the reasons for this.

First, you should know that wearing socks before going to bed will keep your feet warm. And this will also help to dilate the blood vessels within your feet which help you fall asleep faster. A recent study has found a correlation between the dilation of blood vessels in extremities (vasodilation) and the speed at which you fall asleep. Well, this actually means that if your feet are warm, you will sleep much better.

Moreover, as soon as the body gets hot, the body will try to cool it to a pleasant temperature, and you will thus fall asleep. Apart from this, the habit of sleeping with the socks on has other health benefits as well:

Prevents Raynaud’s Disease

Raynaud’s disease is a rare condition that affects an individual’s blood cells, and causes an overreaction to cold temperature. Raynaud’s disease in severe cases can lead to sores or necrosis – tissue death. You should know that sleeping with socks on helps with body temperature regulation, which can help to prevent a Raynaud’s attack from occurring.

Prevent Cough

A famous Russian remedy involves applying dried mustard powder inside your socks and wearing another pair of socks on top. This Russian method is extremely useful and effective in soothing chronic coughs.


Treat dry skin

In winters, people wake up with dry, cracked feet. It causes aesthetic trouble and soreness. So apply a moisturizer and wear socks and sleep. It prevents dry feet and keeps you warm too.

Prevent Night Sweat and Hot Flash

This habit regulates the body temperature during the sleep, so you will successfully prevent hot flashes and night sweats, which can often cause sleep disturbance.

Treat Fever

Soaking your socks in apple cider vinegar prior to putting them on before bed can help bring down your fever. Vinegar is effective in boosting blood flow and reducing your fever. In addition, this remedy is able to strengthen your immune system and help ease the breaking down of waste products. However, note that if you are currently taking liquid medication or sleeping peels, you should not use this remedy.

Warm Your Feet

Apply some red pepper or cayenne on your feet and wear socks. It has the same effect. It warms your body and dilates the blood vessels. How warm you get varies between people. It also depends upon how much pepper you put.

It is really important to wear proper socks, in order to obtain best effects from the sleeping with them.

First of all, in terms of hygiene, you should change the socks at bedtime, and not go to bed with the ones that you have worn the entire day, in order to prevent accumulation of bacteria which can lead to fungal infections.

Also, make sure you wash the feet well, and dry them properly, especially the areas between the toes. Moreover, your socks should not be too thick or made from some unnatural material, as they do not let enough airflow around the feet.

Thus, your feet may sweat a lot as they become too warm, and lead to increased bacteria production. Therefore, your socks should be made from natural fiber.

The following tips can help you additionally improve your sleep:

Reduce food and drinks in the evening

You should also know that you can affect your sleep by eating too much food before you go to bed, especially food that is hard to digest. Well, this is probably because the digestive system has to work to digest the food that you consumed, making it harder to sleep.

Drinking alcohol, although may help to make you feel drowsy or even lead you to pass out, will likely prevent you from obtaining a proper restorative deep sleep. Moreover, avoid drinking too many liquids before going to bed, as you will need to empty the bladder during the night.

Limit Light Exposure

You should also limit the light exposure. It will help you sleep much better. A recent study, conducted by group of neurological experts from George Washington University, has found that exposure to harsh electrical lights, TV, PC or laptop screens can set blocks to your sleeping process.

Most adults assume that dark light may be the most suitable environment to sleep. Yet, spending a period of time under low-power lamp light after a TV time can help to relax your retinas and get you into the status of sleeping.

Set a Fan Beside the Bed

You can use an electronic fan in order to avoid too much noise when you are trying to fall asleep, as the gentle sound of the breeze upon your pillow will distract you from the noise and help you fall asleep.


Avoid having your daily dose of stimulants if you want to sleep well. Stimulants will keep you awake for longer and disturb your sleep. Coffee and other high caffeinated products are one type of stimulants. Other one is nicotine. People think that smoking helps them relax just before sleeping. But it is not true.

Hot Bath

It has been suggested that taking a hot bath before you go to bed can help to improve your sleep. This is due to the fact that the body lowers its temperature naturally during the night, and taking a bath raises your body temperature. This raise in body temperature leads to a steeper decrease than what naturally occurs, which helps to sustain a deeper sleep. For best results, it is recommended that you lay in a bath for around 20 to 30 minutes, and 2 hours before you plan to go to bed.