This Mom Gives Birth To A Baby Boy But When The Camera Zooms Out, I Can’t Believe It (VIDEO)

Giving birth to a child is probably the hardest phase to go through in any woman’s life. The whole process to go through the pregnancy, the emotional imbalances with all the mood swings, the pain and the mental situation is just too much for a woman to bear on her own and thus a man that has promised to hold her hand for the rest of her life comes in and holds her strong by her hand and forces her to keep on moving till the time together they hold the child in their arms.

This story is about a married couple Jason Larke and his pregnant wife. Jason Larke was nearly 2,500 miles away from his wife when she gave birth to their second son. A work commitment would require him to be on site, and would require him to miss one of life’s most precious moments. But thanks to Samsung, Jason was able to witness the event thanks to virtual reality technology. He wore a headset that allowed him to see into the delivery room and hear the words of his wife and doctors. It’s a fascinating testament to how far technology has come.

A lot of people know what it’s like to have work commitments that keep them or their closes miles away for weeks or months at a time, missing out on precious moments in life. But thanks to this new virtual reality technology it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. This technology gives them a unique opportunity to be there for every important moment, unforgettable event and never feel like they have to miss out on anything anymore.

Both parents were outfitted with earpieces and microphones so they could talk to each other during the birthing process.

The birth appears to have unfolded without a medical or digital hitch, which was good news for the Larkes — and for Samsung.

“Healthy boy, healthy mom,” Jason Larke said not long after he’d removed his headset. “I got to see it. Nothing better than seeing your baby for the first time.”

One week after his wife’s birth, Jason Larke returned home, where, with Samsung cameras rolling, he met his son — “for the second time,” the company noted.

“This is what technology is all about; enabling human experiences,” said Arno Lenior, Samsung’s marketing chief.

We’re touched by their remarkable story and we knew we had to share it with our readers.