Long Hidden Research Has Recently Surfaced: These Seeds Destroy Cancerous Cells In 48 Hours

A study about chemotherapy from the British Medical Journal has exposed it as one of the most shameful health misconception which has been killing people year in year out. The irony is that we use drugs and pharmaceutical products in order to improve our health and well-being, and they are not supposed to do the opposite, let alone kill us. A senior professor at Berkley, Dr. Hardin B.Jones, whose main subjects are physiology and medical physics, conducted a study to measure the life expectancy in patients who underwent chemotherapy as part of their cancer treatment. His results were astonishing. He concluded that chemotherapy not only doesn’t work, but it’s also responsible for a much shorter lifespan and can cause a more agonizing death.


On the other hand, natural remedies are much more effective and don’t have any negative effects on our health. The following natural medicine and its positive effects in the treatment of cancer even in the more progressive stage have been kept from the public because it can eradicate cancer in just 48 hours.

A particular remedy can destroy cancer cells within 2 days. This applies to cancers in progress as well. A group of experts at the University of Kentucky conducted a research about the potency grape seed extract. They found that grape seeds cause apoptosis, or cell death, in 76% of leukemia and cancer cells within 2 days. The results were obtained in laboratory conditions.

The research was later published in the journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. It showed that grape seed extract triggers the destruction of leukemia cells. It includes JNK, a protein that destroys malignant cells.

Science offers available and thorough studies. These support the theory that cancer is not as dangerous as we believe, and that it does not end in death, of course if not treated with aggressive and useless therapies.

The cancer industry shouts how incurable this disease is. They plant fear and terror in the naive public, making cancer equal to death, despite all the studies which show the contrary.