Learn How to Grow Endless Supply of Asparagus

This springtime vegetable has delicious taste and is quite adaptable. Since it is now in season, it is best to purchase it now, for it is especially nutritious and crispy.


The medical experts claim that asparagus balances insulin levels, which implies that it is capable of preventing diabetes. Ensuring that our insulin levels are stable is one of the most important things we can do for our health.

Asparagus will improve your health and make you feel great. We can also mention that it’s an excellent diuretic, due to its mineral content. Given that it is a natural diuretic, asparagus stimulates kidney function, and enhances general detoxification and purifying. You should also know that asparagus is in the same group with other veggies that contain insulin, and this is absolutely great for the friendly bacteria in your intestines.

Well, this means that asparagus provides a normal digestive function and takes care of your belly. Asparagus contains high amounts of folate, which is essential for pre-conception and early months of pregnancy. Essential minerals in asparagus lower the risk of birth defects and support the development of the nervous system in babies.

How to grow your own asparagus

The asparagus can be started from a root crown or from seed, but the majority of growers prefer the crown because it grows larger quantities of seeds. The seeds will need three weeks to germinate. The asparagus prefers full sun and can be grown practically anywhere. However, good drainage and light soil are the perfect combination.

Planting instructions

You just have to follow the simple instructions. Here’s what you need to do – first, you need to get your trench ready, and make sure it is 12 inches wide and 6 inches deep. Then, you need to mound the soil in the middle part of the trench, and set your crowns on top. The crowns should be 12 to 8 inches apart, and the row 4’. Fill up the trench with light soil, keeping in mind that the crowns should be 2 inches deep. You should add soil every once in a while, until it is slightly mounded around the base of the asparagus.