Honey And Baking Soda – An Amazing Cure For The Deadliest Disease!

Cancer is considered as the most deadliest disease in today’s world. It is spreading like an epidemic and affecting a lot of lives.

You must be aware that cancer cells are fed on sugar. So, here is a treatment free from sugar and using honey to treat cancer.

The combination of honey with baking soda works perfectly to cure cancer. Baking soda neutralizes the sugar in the body and thus prevents the growth of cancer cells.

Honey will help in keeping healthy cells to work well.

Also, it will help the baking soda to enter and remove the cancer cells.

Here is a simple recipe of this home remedy for you to treat cancer at home.



-1 tablespoon baking soda
-3 tablespoons honey


– In one small bowel put 1 tablespoon of baking soda.
– Add 3 tablespoons of honey and mix well to create a thick paste.
– Heat the paste on low temperature for 1-2 minutes.
– So here it is your home-made medicine is ready to battle cancer.


Take 3 tablespoons of this remedy throughout a day, for 30 days in a row. You can make a schedule like after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But make sure you take it regularly without even one day break. You have to take care of your diet as well while you are on this.

So, avoid meat, sugar and white flour when you take this home-made remedy.

It is important to consume the remedy on a regularly and go to the medical check-up to keep an eye on the effect of remedy on your body.