If You Cross Your Arms And Pull On Your Ears In This Way, Here’S What Happens

A baby is born into the world with around 100 billion brain cells (neurons), give or take a few million. The brain is so important to the human species that four weeks after conception, an embryo produces half a million neurons every minute. While the brain is designed with the potential for greatness, not using it or failing to understand how to ma increase brain power can put you at a distinct disadvantage. That’s where Superbrain Yoga comes in.

What is super brain yoga? Superbrain Yoga is a simple beneficial exercise. This does not involve any strange body twists or turns, yet works wonders for the brain. Especially benefits hyperactive children and teens, senile people, people with autism and other related disorders like ADHD, ADD etc.

How do you do it?


If you want to try Superbrain Yoga, follow these steps, according to Collective Evolution.

1. Preferably face east. If direction is not known, just turn north.

2. Roll your tongue in the inward direction and press it firmly towards the roof of your mouth. Make sure to keep your tongue in place throughout the entire exercise.

3. Raise your left arm in front of you. Important, left arm first. Fold at the elbow and reach for your right earlobe.Your thumb should be on the front of your ear.

4. Keeping your left arm in place, do the same thing with your right hand, reaching across your body to grasp your left earlobe. Your left arm should be closet to your chest.

5. Now, inhale deeply through your nose and simultaneously squat down gently to a sitting position, with your arms as above.

6. Exhale through your nose as you resume the standing position.

7. Repeat steps five and six, 14 times. Your tongue should stay on the roof of your mouth and fingers should remain grasping your earlobes the entire time.

What are the health benefits?

Practitioners of Superbrain Yoga claim that by utilizing all of the specialized pressure points in your body, energy is transformed. The practice of Superbrain Yoga is said reduce stress and increase brain power. In addition, practitioners of this form of Yoga claim it can help teenagers control their sex drive.

As an added benefit, your quads will get a major workout if you make a habit of doing the 14 squats each day.

Other considerations

There are people who believe that this practice is a hoax. The Nuerologica Blog claims that “The fact that some people feel energized after doing the technique, or observe improvements in their students, is known to be worthless as evidence without proper blinding and controls. Subjective outcomes like that are susceptible to placebo effect, observation and reporting bias.”

Should be mentioned that practice is still being studied, but many people claim to have seen significant benefits from consistently practicing this exercise. One professional who claimed to see benefits is middle school teacher Kim Siar who said, “The results again demonstrated an increase in academic performance as well as an improvement in behaviors …

By the end of the year, the students succeeded both academically and behaviorally, with a deep appreciation for the inner shift that they had experienced during that school year,” according to Superbrain Yoga.