Without cancellation, without a gym, without push ups: With four small changes until the summer you will have carved belly

It’s hard to get rid of fine food. But, especially when it comes to targeted exercises, rigorous diets are not necessary.

Personal trainer Eve Lynn Kessner showed that the With four innocuous changes, it is possible to build muscles and tighten the abdomen. With the busy schedule and fast lifestyle, many want to change the diet but it is a lot easier to say it than do it.

Each of these four tips is not a big change, nor guarantee the spectacular “in a week” weight loss, but in the long run give very good results. And what is most beautiful, once adopted as a habit, the pounds will not come back.


Drink more water

We say “consume” instead of “drink” because in addition to water, try to insert “watery” fruit in your diet, like vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, preferably one that is in season. If you are dehydrated you actually retain water because your body slows down. Stay hydrated by drinking fluids throughout the day. “It would be best to add a lemon into the water, in order to stimulate the detoxification as well,” says Eve.

Chew your food

It is quite important that you chew the food, so as to convert softer and fluid state. This will dramatically facilitate digestion. Bloating is often caused by poor digestion and thorough chewing you will will avoid indigestion. In addition, if chew longer the more you will enjoy the food and quickly saturate with fewer calories eaten.

Exercise while you sit

Speed up your metabolism and build muscle on his stomach. Although it is not easy in a busy schedule to find time to exercise, exercise for the abdomen can do it anywhere, even at work, while you sit. Straighten up and tighten the shoulder behind. Take a deep breath and while exhaling, tighten the abdomen and insert the navel. Repeat this with each exhalation.

The stairs, not the elevator and in a way that you beat your heart of.

Everyone knows that they should use the stairs instead of the elevator, says Eve. But she advises to go a step further. Or perhaps better said to jump. At each level of the stairs (two or four times per floor) jump? And when you do not jump, at each step lift the knee as much as possible. It may sound like instructions from the Ministry of silly walks, but very soon you will shape not only the abdominal muscles, but also the butt.