How to whiten the skin under the armpit

Armpit is – quite an intimate part of the body. Especially, sometimes is unpleasant the fact that, although it kept clean and smooth, anyway, it darkens. It’s all about the characteristics of the skin.
There is a natural substance that solves this problem. You may be surprised, but the miracle-bleach is plain potato.
It may sound a bit strange and unusual, but wraps of grated raw potato will significantly lighten the delicate underarm skin.
The point is that in the potato is present enzyme catalase, which whiten the skin, and does not irritate it.
So, peel one medium potato, grate it and apply under the armpit for half an hour.Armpits.
After a few everyday procedures, you will notice the result. If you are not able to put these wraps, simply, more often rub a slice of raw potato on the part of the armpits.