Using a simple, cheap and tasty vitamin salad for only 3 days, lose weight and purify your intestines

Using a simple, cheap and tasty salad vitamin that should replace your evening meal during the three days to clean the intestines and reduce your weight, and by the way will regulate the acidity in the stomach.

The main components of this vitamin salad which enrich the body with vitamins and minerals are packed with fiber and pectin, and thanks to that, this healthy eating contributes to effectively clean the intestines. Consequently, due to discharge of fecal fat is reduced the weight as well.

Because some of the ingredients of this salad low-fat, with the consummation of this meal (like dinner, for example), you can get rid from fat.


For this vitamin salad you need:

– cabbage

– beet

– carrot

– dark leafy vegetable

– lime juice

– oil


Grate the cabbage, beet and carrot in the ratio of 3: 1: 1.

Add spicy herbs on your own taste (dill, parsley, celery). Mash the vegetables to release juice. Add a little lemon juice. If desired, to achieve the spice in your salad you can add a clove of garlic.

Pour with very little vegetable oil (preferably olive or linseed).

It is not necessary to put salt in the salad. If you can’t resist to the salty taste, use soy sauce, which contains salt and enhances the taste of food, has high nutritional value and, most importantly, is not harmful to health.