UNBELIEVABLE! Cancer survivor shares his recipe!

The whole world talk about the women from Bosnia and Herzegovina which survive cancer. Eager to help other people with similar problems as her, she shared the recipe that also saves lives.

This courageous woman decided to help other people around the world who struggle with modern plague.

This medication is easy to prepare and everything you need is ginger and honey. The Bosnian argues that this recipe is the only thing that has helped to win the fight against cancer.

Anyway we all know that ginger and honey and good to consume at morning before breakfast for improving our healthy lifestyle.

She was diagnosed with cancer of the endocrine system, and that deterioration was hospitalized for three weeks. This medication helped her to survive without surgery or chemotherapy.

survive cancer


  • 2 larger root ginger
  • 500 g of honey

How to prepare:

Ginger peel and grate. Mix it with honey. Store in a glass jar.

How to use:

4 teaspoons of the mixture evenly spaced throughout the day. She says in consumption should not use a metal spoon, but plastic, ceramic or wooden spoon.

The first signs of improvement to be observed already after three days.