Soon – bra that detects cancer at an early stage

National University of Colombia reveals that currently works on design and production of special bra that will reveal the potential formation of breast cancer in women who wears it.


Special bra will be able to detect cancer while still in its early stages, and currently they incorporate sensors with infrared light in the lining of the buckets bra.

The sensors should measure the temperature and monitor all potential nodes, cancer cells or other abnormalities that would mean potentially the formation of cancer.

-When You have more glands and tissues that have anomalies, the body sends more blood to that part of the body (in this case the chest) so that’s why the temperature of the body increases.

With special sensors in the bra will have the opportunity to detect the temperature rise in the chest that would mean potentially form of breast cancer – said Maria Cortes, presenter of the department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Bogota.