This is why shouldn’t share the headphones with others…

Metro Portal has an interesting “story” for a research “more people use same set of headphones” and why we should never do that.

It often happens to forget our headphones so we borrow from colleagues, or we often take them from friends only briefly to hear something.

However, according to research by BuzzFeed and the University of Arizona, we should never share the headphones with anyone, especially the little ones that come with smartphones.


Ear shell and the inside of the ear are naturally covered with a layer of “wax” in which bacteria and layers of dead cells are glueded. Headphones directly entering the ear and thus the mentioned things can be transferred in one ear to another’s person ear.

The mentioned bacteria although they belong where they are still in the body of a person can cause complications, skin infection and even inflammation of the ear.

headphones 1

Therefore, avoid to borrow your headphones to friends, and often practice to disinfect your headphones with a few drops of alcohol or disinfectant cloth. University of Arizona advised that headphones should be cleaned at least once a week.