When you see how easy it is to increase your breasts naturally, will wish that you are earlier discovered these tricks!

Breasts size is an individual. Smaller breasts are the result of genetics, but they can be the result of loss of nutrients, hormone deficiency or other. Some women are brave enough to go “under the knife”, but some are not, therefore, see a few ways to naturally enlarge breasts.

1. Plants
Many sources say that there are plants and supplements that stimulate breast growth. Purchase of these supplements can sometimes be dangerous to your health.
These are plants that actually really encourage breast growth: red clover, fenugreek, palm, wild yam, fennel, thistle, Dong quai, dandelion and watercress.

2. Tea of camellia
This product is a real example of a plant that is used in the right way. This tea contains fennel, fenugreek and other ingredients that alleviate the taste of strong tea.

3. Natural estrogen
One of the best supplements with added estrogen is a natural estrogen with pomegranate extract. Estrogen does not have to be used every day, unlike other plants. But actually help you in maximizing your breasts.

4. Diet
Diet for breast augmentation should include apples, beets, barley, flaxseed, garlic, soy sprouts, prunes, walnuts, pistachios and red wine.

5. Amino acids
Amino acids are good for health in general, not just when it comes to breast augmentation. They build the proteins that are full of nutrients, but also support the hormones that lead to breast augmentation.

6. Massage the breasts
It is advisable to use some oil. Should circulate from 100 to 300 times around a breast. You must be extremely patient if you decided to increase the breasts by this method.

7. Avoid caffeine and sugar
Reduce intake of coffee and sugar if you want bigger and healthy breasts. It is known that caffeine and sugar slow their growth. If you choose to drink green tea, look for one with no caffeine.

8. Find the correct size bra
One of the main reasons for poorly shaped breasts in women is inadequate bra. Find a bra that fits perfectly with you, and in doing so gives you enough support.

9. Reduce Stress
Try to practice, it rejuvenates the mind and body, but also helps to reduce stress. Another way is to meditate and try yoga. Laugh as much as possible!

10. Breast Actives
This is a supplement that contains a blend of essential herbs such as Vitamin E, fenugreek seeds, root of Dong Quai, a fennel seeds, algae, L-tyrosine, watercress, milk thistle and dandelion. It also contains extract of red clover and aloe vera.