See Why Cannabis Cures Cancer and Epilepsy

Professor Dr. Lumir Ondrej Czech and Canadian researcher Paul Hornby talk to patients suffering from cancer and epilepsy who were cured using cannabis and explain why the discovery of the healing properties of cannabis should be the third greatest miracle after the discovery of insulin and DNA.

Although the global pharmaceutical industry stubbornly trying to save its market worthed hundred billion dollars banning the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes, here are these experts from which the truth can not be hidden. hey say that cannabis cures 34 diseases, among which the most difficult form of cancer and multiple sclerosis.


Dr. Hanusch is engaged with the research and use of cannabis for medicinal purposes for 43 years, while Hornby is 15 years in the same field.

Through the office of Dr. Hornby have turned more than 4,000 patients, but one of the brighter points it is working with a 14 year old girl who before coming to him, had seizures every day.

“When she realized that any medications do not help, the mother brought her daughter to me. I prescripted oral use of cannabis. The first effects occurred exactly two weeks after the first session. Doctors did not believe that the girl will turn 15, and a few years ago I took her to the prom. Since our first meeting had passed 8 years. Today, it has a maximum of two seizures a month.”

“Unlike ‘regular’ drugs, cannabis has no side effects. In the Czech Republic a hundred children with cancer are treated with cannabis and efficiency is 90%. Tell me how much drugs have such effect? I don’t need money. I’m looking around the world, as in the Czech Republic, to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. Nobody in the world has died from an overdose of cannabis, while we can not say the same about “regular” remedies. “

In fact, explained in more detail. Imagine that kanabian neurotransmitter in the brain is a lock, and certain ingredients in cannabis – key, which when reacted with lock achieves excellent effects.

“I think Dr. Hanusch should be nominated for the Nobel prize for research that has done. Namely, the results which came along with his colleagues, should be the third greatest discovery of all time, immediately after the discovery of insulin and DNA, “adds Hornby.


On how he started investigating this topic, Dr. Lumir says that since his student days University professor asked who would volunteer to do a research of the medicinal properties of cannabis several days a week. For the project applied only Dr. Lumir, and the same was prolonged to twenty years. During this time the doctor prepared cannabis oil for sale through pharmacies and used to treat patients with the most severe diagnosis.

“In the 70 I cultivated fields with cannabis for research purposes and believe me that I never lacked of a single sheet. Imagine what would happen today if I do the same. The field would be gone overnight from the map. “

“Cannabis is the most effective drug that nature has given to us, and precisely because of that it is illegal. Pharmaceutical mafia for decades hides this fact, in order not to lose more than hundreds of billions of dollars that earns by poisoning people with various drugs. “

See how cannabis oil destroys cancer cells: