Scientists have finally established the normal size of the penis

Scientists from King’s College in London have finally found the average length of the penis and thus hope to allay all unhappy men.

Intending to calm and reassure men, especially those with impaired anxiety, scientists at King’s College London conducted a study on a global level which found the average size of the male pride.

The survey showed that the average length of relaxed penis is 9.16 inches and the diameter of 9.13 inches, while in erection, the average length is 13.12 cm in volume about 11.66 cm.


The most interesting data gathered by scientists during the research is that the height of men is correlated with the length of the penis.

The results are published in the journal British Journal of Urology International and involves research that had been conducted on men of all ages and races. In measuring the length of the organ it was used “standard procedure” and were examined over 15 000 men.

The presenter of the study, Dr. David Weil of Kings states:

“We believe that these results will help urologists to reassure patients and to prove that with their penis is all all right when it comes to the length.”

The research will particularly help men who suffer from (BDD) an anxiety disorder that is associated with dissatisfaction with the perception of their own body.

Dr Martin Bagalej, director of Maudsley NHS Foundation in London explains:

“People with BDD do not have a realistic picture of themselves and the constant concern about how others see them. Besides weight, some are fixed at certain parts of the body mainly on the penis and the results of this study will help to have a better opinion of their body. “

True happiness for all men is that research shows that most men in the world have an average size of the penis, that is, that most guys really have no reason to worry if their “pride” will be scornful.