Now is official: FDA announced on its pages that vaccines cause autism!

You ever wondered if maybe your child enters the “black statistics” of a proposed depopulation of the planet Earth?

How much should you be miserable to force people to take their children “like sheep in the flock” to vaccination, although on the official sites for the Food and Drug Administration says that vaccines can cause autism?

Is there a single parent on this planet who would have risked life and in general, the quality of life of their child because pharmaceutical mafia which exactly based on a “cocktail of toxins” earn huge sums of money, but performs a very special role as well – depopulation!

That autism is reported as side effect of the vaccine can be read here, on the official pages of FDA.


And that vaccines are used solely to carry out depopulation prove the words of Bill Gates who you can hear below, where it clearly says: If we do a good job with the new vaccines and healthcare and services for birth, we can reduce the population by 10 to 15 percent!

And the real question which can be set at this point is: Whether your child enters in this statistic?