Do not read this article if you have already gone to bed to sleep. Here’s why!

Smartphones are the last thing we use before we fall asleep, but also the first thing that we use as soon as we open our eyes. See how it affects health.

If for some time before bedtime spend in front of the phone screen, it is possible that this is the reason you can not fall asleep later.

We passed the days in which food products, clothing and shelter was a basic need. Addition to the list of our latest generation are smartphones.

Smart phones have become indispensable for us, and really there is no one we can blame for that.

They tend to solve most of our problems and that is exactly why they are the last thing that we take before bedtime, and the thing that we do when we wake up.


Do you know that this is unhealthy? This very much affects your brain.


This approach damages the brain, which is supported by scientists. So it is better that we take it seriously.


According to studies, sleeping with your phone and using the same hour before you go to sleep can seriously damage the quality of sleep and health, which will have lasting consequences.

We are all pretending to be smarter than scientists, but are we really? According to scientific research, sleeping is the time when your body is in a phase of detoxification and termination of this stage can lead to a number of serious problems.


We still have a tendency to take our phones in our hands before going to bed. Checking Facebook could be the reason why you could not fall asleep, so you’re turning for hours in the bed.

The phone consists of very bright blue light that helps your phone to be visible on sunny days. This light confuses the brain, such as registering blue light as the sun, and thus stimulates the brain to stay awake and your brain is constantly active.


Number of health risks that are associated with that includes the reduction of melatonin resulting in a lack of sleep and therefore, fatigue leads to less memory and slower reflexes.

The memory is declining, solving problems are not going to hand, and even insulin depends from that, because it regulates metabolism, so it is very likely that you’ll gain weight.

Who can make you seriously ill. Many people boast of being able to be very good at work even though they were sleeping less than the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep. But they are wrong.

You do not work well when you sleep less, but you become enchanted unconsciously, so you even do not notice it. Basically, your body is playing tricks on you and makes you sick, but you are not even aware of that.

Besides leading to obesity can also lead to depression and cancer. All this sounds dangerous, right? What can you do about this?

Get used to leaving your phone away from you, especially an hour before you go to sleep. If you put it in another room, that would be great. In so doing, you are doing a big favor for your health, no kidding!