Melt the fat with the help of Sassy water

Sassy water is very refreshing, and it is about an ordinary water enriched with plants that effectively eliminate fat in the body. Nutritionist Cynthia Sass, who designed this drink says that despite the fact that melts the pounds, has a positive effect on digestion and reduces bloating as well.

So if you are even skeptical of the loss of fat or weight, certainly ought to try out this drink because it acts very refreshing.

Sassy water

How to prepare Sassy water?

Take 8 glasses of water, one teaspoon grated ginger root, one fresh cucumber medium size, peeled and cut into thin slices, one medium-sized lemon, cut into slices (previously well washed) and 12 mint leaves.

All of these ingredients, mix with water and leave it overnight to let the flavor. Consume the beverage during the next day.

This drink has a pleasant taste and quite refreshing activity. With moderate physical activity with and Sassy water you get a flat stomach without deposits, and during the process of weight loss do not go hungry.