Matthew McConaughey Reveals How He Lost 23 kg For His Role In Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey has revealed his painful struggle to lose weight for Dallas Buyers Club. he says that it’s all in the head and that he started to lose weight from the moment he firmly decided that he wants the part and that he wants to look like that.

The Hollywood actor had to lose 23 kilograms for a role as a cowboy and homophone from Dallas, suffering from AIDS. The whole world saw this unbelievable transformation, where he lost 23 kilograms in a very short period of time.At the Oscar Awards ceremony, he appeared in the company of his wife and with some of his weight gained.


He said that so far he has gained only 8 kg. Given that he’s missing another 15 kg, he says that for the first time in his life he doesn’t think about his figure and eats what he wants.

“I plan to gain back only 10 kg, but I want to get fat healthy and controlled. I often get involved in sport activities; I exercise at home with my wife as well as friends at the gym. I don’t want to get a stomach but want everything to become muscle mass”, says Matthew.

McConaughey also reflected on the time and how he felt while he was in the phase of weight loss:

“I missed the food that I love, but I was motivated and I didn’t have bad moods. I was under constant supervision of a physician and nutrition expert. At that time I didn’t look good to anybody in my environment, especially my family. During filming I took a lot of vitamins in combination with a proper diet and I trained a little bit as not to lose all of my muscle mass”, says the actor.


According to him the most important is how you think when you plan to lose weight and how you look. “When I accepted the role I want to act the part well. When I set that as my goal it wasn’t very difficult to execute the weight loss regime that took place under the supervision of experts who did analysis on me all the time and they followed my vital functions. I had deadlines and I had to lose weight in a short period of time, but for those who want to lose weight the important thing is to have motive, a strong desire and be able to make firm decisions”, says the actor.