How would you look with 10 kilograms more or less, see here!

Application “Model My Diet” allows women according to their body type, breast size and height to discover how they will look with a different weight, which is an excellent “snapshot” for those who want to change something.

Someone wants to thicken, the majority to lose weight, and the smallest part believe that they have the ideal weight – predicting how you would look with a different weight has intrigued everyone. At that can help application “Model My Diet” in which you can insert only your data.

In the height it is necessary to choose metric choice, body shape from which is offered pear (bigger hips and legs, slimmer upper section), apple (bigger breasts and stomach, slimmer hips and legs), and figure of an hourglass (proportional construction with prominent half) breast size (small, medium, large). By choosing more options you can choose the skin tone, age, shape of the eyes, nose, lips, hairstyle and hair color, so that the model to be similar to you. You can also customize the background and clothing patterns.

This model depicts a woman with an hourglass figure and big breasts, tall 170 cm in two versions – with 60 and 80 kg.


This model depicts a woman with a figure of an apple and big breasts, 170 cm high with 60 and 80 kg.


This model shows a woman with a figure of a pear and small breasts, 170 cm high with 60 and 80 kg.

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