Why it should be kept the milk teeth of children! Amazing discovery!

When the milk teeth fall, many parents make a special ritual. To delight the children, they change the tooth with money and sent the tooth to the tooth villa, because all children love such an entertainment. I.e they throw that tooth.

But according to the latest scientific research, it turned out that milk teeth are a valuable genetic material, which can cope with a variety of serious diseases.

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The thing is that, the milk teeth contain stem cells! These cells can regenerate neurons, bones and also some cells of heart muscle tissue.

The latest scientific discovery testifies that can cure leukemia, multiple myeloma and pericarditis using stem cells from the child. Earlier all these diseases are healed only by transplantation of bone marrow or other tissues.

To preserve stem cells the milk tooth should be frozen within 48 hours after it falls. In America and many other countries there are blood banks tissues and cord blood banks and stem cells that can deliver genetic materials in storage, even during childbirth. If a child gets sick, it would be safe – the new technologies will take care of him.

But if there aren’t resources and opportunities for the use of such banks, it is only necessary to freeze the milk tooth of the child and keep it. Who knows, maybe in the future it will save his life.