A heart attack can be predicted one month earlier: 6 warning signs!

If you ignore these signs, will endanger your life. Take your body seriously

Even 50 percent of people who get a heart attack, had symptoms even a month earlier, but the vast majority of them did not pay attention. To many it cost them their life.

Some of the patients who survived a heart attack testified later that month before the attack began more difficult to breathe and had a bad chest pain i.e feel the early symptoms.

There were those who were aware of what was going on and they called an ambulance before the attack and so they saved their own life. Experts say that half of the patients had symptoms a month earlier, but most of them did not pay attention.


Men are more prone to chest pain, and women have difficulties in breathing. In men, there may also be problems with erectile dysfunction which is the culprit narrowing of blood vessels. Even two-thirds of them noticed that as a cardiac arrest.

The women (about 70 percent) are more prone to feeling strong and long-term fatigue, even a few weeks before the attack. If the heart muscle is not working properly it can cause swelling of the legs, and so on that you should pay attention.

Pay attention to these six signs that can occur, even a month before a heart attack:

1. Fatigue

If the arteries become narrow, the heart receives less blood than it is accustomed to, therefore works a lot harder. This is why you feel tired and sleepy all the time.

2. Breathless

If the heart gets less blood, this means that the lungs get less oxygen than normal. If you have trouble breathing, see a doctor as soon as possible because it can mean that the time is approaching of a heart attack.

3. Weakness

If the body becomes weak or feel weakness, it is because once the arteries become narrow and do not allow blood to circulate properly. Then the muscles are not getting what they need, and it can happen that you crash.

4. Dizziness and cold sweats

Poor circulation is to blame for having limited blood flow to the brain, and it is very dangerous to life. In this situation, you will feel dizziness and confusion. Do not ignore these signs.

5. The pressure in the chest

If you have early symptoms of a heart attack you will feel the discomfort in the chest, slight pain or high blood pressure. This will be all the more likely to be closer to the day of a heart attack.

6. Symptoms of the flu or colds

If you feel as if you have symptoms of flu or cold out of nowhere, it could be the announcement of a heart attack in the near future. Many people who survived the attack were later told that a few days before they had such symptoms, eg, cough or fever, says Bright Side.