Gold breakfast: 3 rules to follow if you want to lose weight

The best way to influence your health, but also the line, is to eat a healthy breakfast because the body will provide the energy needed to properly start the day, but at the same time will speed up your metabolism and thus avoid the accumulation of unwanted pounds.

However, it is important to note that eating in the morning is not the same thing as having a healthy breakfast. In fact, bad food choices can have a negative impact on your efforts to lose excess pounds.

That’s why we saved the most important rules for a healthy breakfast that will be the perfect ally of your body.


1. In the morning, immediately have a breakfast

Studies have shown that breakfast speeds up our metabolism and is therefore very important that we eat in the first hour after waking up to make the best use of the potential of the body to burn fat. Not only that, if immediately after getting up we have breakfast, throughout the day we will not have a big appetite and tend to make healthier choices when it comes time for lunch and dinner.

2. Should not forget protein

Breakfast rich in protein – the first choice should be eggs or Greek yogurt – help the body to cope with the onslaught of hunger. In this way you will eat less and lose weight over time. One study found that girls who have eggs for breakfast lost twice as much weight than those who began their day with some pastries.

The protein in eggs gives us a longer feeling of satiety and reduces hunger and helps us during the day to consume fewer calories because they digest more slowly.

3. Eat a banana

Breakfast rich in resistant starch (a special type of starch that is slowly digested and increases the feeling of fullness) helps us to burn more calories because it triggers our body to use fat that would give us energy. This starch can be found in bananas, and the oat flakes.