Forget about juices and smothies – for purifying you need just one thing

How nice it would be when only using one green juice really could get rid of all those unhealthy weight.

Unfortunately, things in our body act a little differently, so the effective juices in the majority of cases are tiresome. But do not worry, the good news is that in your body you have something that is really needed for detoxification.

That thing is called liver and is a natural center for detoxification and cleansing of the body. There are certainly the kidneys as well that are doing their job very good for the body, and even the skin which has a natural ability to defend against toxins. So why in the stores almost on every shelf we have products with inscription – detoxification, from food and drinks until shampoos and means for hygiene?


Scientists from Britain in 2009 decided to have a little more fun with this theme, so called 15 manufacturers of products that claim to detoxify the body. They demanded from them any scientific evidence that their products really fight toxins (and if so, for what kind of toxins it’s about), but received no answer. From not a single manufacturer. Something similar happens with spices for which assure us that they will simply make our excess weight evaporate.

The explanation by scientists is quite simple – in a healthy body detoxification is needlessly, since that body has its own disposal systems for all whose place is not in the body. However, it is important to emphasize that this does not mean that you can eat whatever you want and simply expect from your body to take it all and take care of it. Then, to take a green smothies and think that everything is absolutely fine.

The best way for the body to function well is actually constantly to eat healthy. The idea that with some powerful smothies you can undo the negative effect of unhealthy foods that you enter every day is meaningless. Juices can certainly be a healthy addition to the diet, as they provide a multitude of nutrients, but not miraculous, highlight nutritionists.


Detoxification has lately been increasingly popular in the world of cosmetics so you’ll find masks you release you from toxins, such as baths with the same effect and shampoos that will free you from all free radicals. And as in all this there is truth is extremely questionable.

The skin is a reflection of the entire organism, and if you consume unhealthy foods, can not expect that only with a powerful face cream you can solve all of this and undo it. Cosmetics can be of a great help when it comes to any skin problems and maintenance, but in a healthy organism that eats healthy, detoxification is not required. Certainly can not hurt, but will hardly achieve any greater effect, dermatologists recommend.