At first she thought they were empty talk but when she secretly tried to rub Aloe Vera in the face, she could not believe the results! This was supposed to do a long time ago!

Aloe vera is known for its healing effects and instead of paying expensive preparations try this method at home!

Thoroughly wash

Use plain water to remove any excess dirt.

Aloe Vera

Soften sheet

You can soften the sheet mild pounding or using a roller.


Cut in half

When the leaves are soft, cut them in two. Do not cut too much leaves to be able to re-use them.


Remove ends

When you cut all the pages of the newspaper, you can easily peel off.

Divide it

If you can’t cut it with hands, use the knife.


Remove the juicy part

Using a spoon, remove all the juicy part of the list and put in one pile.


Lubricate the whole face

Using the list or fingers can smear the entire face. Leave the mask to dry for 15-20 minutes.


Wash your face

After the mask is dry, you can peel off from the face and then wash your face with water. Do not use soap or any medicines, clean water.

Flawless skin that shines

Clean towel or cloth to dry the face. After three washes with aloe vera and will seamlessly face. No doubt, aloe vera is used in many preparations.