What are in fact these white spots and how to get rid of them naturally and painlessly?!

Milia are tiny white bumps that occur most often in the area of the baby’s nose, chin and cheeks, and sometimes we meet them at the baby’s belly, legs and arms. Although Milia can develop at any age, it is most common in newborns. Specifically, more than half of newborns have these little white lumps. In babies, disappear on their own after a few weeks, but in adults can last long.

However, as with other harmless skin problems, there are natural solutions, reports Littlething. No matter how mild they are, always first try on a small part of the skin to check the possible reaction.


What are the white dots?

Milia, or milk acne, occurring when keratin, a protein essential for the construction of the outer layer of the skin, remain trapped. They mostly appear on the face, eyelids and cheeks.

Why occur in babies, and why in adults?

Doctors aren’t 100 percent sure yet, why they are so common in babies. Some argue that their occurrence is connected to the mother’s hormones, while some dermatologists point out that it is probably a problem in underdeveloped glands in the baby’s skin.

In adults causes are various, and mostly all come down to the other skin damage – from illness to the side effects of burns, blisters or excessive sunbathing. Their formation can encourage and steroid creams and even frequent dermatological and cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasion or laser.

Although it does not itch nor burn, Milia can be awkward, especially because of its appearance. And unlike the baby, in adults remain for months.

Peeling with sugar and lemon

Antioxidant, antiseptic and natural bleach – lemon is a brilliant tool for a large majority of skin problems. How to make a scrub, mix two tablespoons of sugar, juice of half a lemon and one tablespoon of olive oil. Gently rub the skin, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse.


Honey is a great way to prevent the skin from drying out. For application to the skin is ideal raw, but ordinary is quite good. Especially if you combine it with sugar or jojoba oil. It will help remove surface layer of dead skin and thus the unsightly white spots.

Castor oil

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, who besides practicing classical and alternative medicine, says that the castor oil ingenious multi-purpose tool used for constipation, asthma and inflammation of the bladder. The way in which controls the production of oil is ideal for solving dearer.

Mix the chestnut and olive in equal proportions and apply a mask. Leave until is completely absorbed and then wash it off with lukewarm water.


The steam stimulates circulation, expanding the pores and helps to remove dead skin cells and other impurities. Simply soak a towel in hot water, drain and gently press on the face for a few minutes and remove.

Tea tree oil

This natural disinfectant at the same time fight against fungi and bacteria and will solve and possible infection. Before bed, apply tea tree oil on places infected with Milia. In the morning rinse.

Dust from pomegranate shells

Fry (to dry) several pomegranate shells until they get brown. Mash them into a fine powder. If you want, you can mix them with lemon juice. Apply the mask on your face, leave for 15 minutes and rinse. After several weeks Milia should disappear.