With this drink you can treated thyroid gland that affects on obesity and lose weight

This drink is very successfully treated thyroid gland. Only one administration of the drug will be sufficient.

thyroid gland


  • 40 young green nuts
  • Kilogram of honey domestic
  • Glass jar

Wash the nuts, so they prick with a needle several times to make cuts in them. Arrange in a pot, pour the honey and leave it exposed to the sun. It should be so that they are 40 days so they strain the liquid and save the staklenj bottle.

Drink in the morning on an empty stomach one small glass of. 12:05 dl until you have used the medicine.

If you still experience problems with thyroid, repeat this a few times.

To make your thyroid gland produce hormones needed her iodine that we consume through food and water. This gland every day should be about 200 micrograms of iodine.