Drastic Transformation: She halve her weight and proudly showed off the new figure

Donna Gilley will prove that persistence always pays. 30-year-old Canadian halve her weight without operations and “magical beverages” and now proudly shows the new figure.

In her teens, Gilly noted that her weight is rapidly increasing, but the passion for sweets and junk food delights didn’t allow her to put an end to unhealthy eating habits and to change the way of life. She continued to indulged of chocolate and ice cream, ignoring the fact that they were the main culprits for her extreme obesity.

When she switched to a new job, Donna began with the extraordinary transformation. She was concerned that new colleagues will stare at her and felt uncomfortable. “A turning point when I decided to make a change and star having a healthy life happened when I was 22 years of age. I remember sitting on my desk in the new post and was not feeling very comfortable “- says Gili.


Then Donna showed her determination and become physically active, and later changed her diet as well.

The persistent girl from Nova Scotia has already participated in two fitness competitions and now boasts with her slender figure. “I entered the competition not because I wanted a plastic trophy, but for myself – to prove to myself that I can shape my body after arduous efforts that I have put, in order to lose weight” – she said.


After the second competition Donna weighed 52 kg, which is half the number that showed the scale before she began to practice.