CUP OF HEALTH: If you drink this five times a week, you will be healthy as a horse!

Our elders have always known of this folk remedy, but now science has confirmed this as well

Exaggeration with alcohol is definitely not good for health, and we all agree on this one. However, more studies show that moderate consumption of alcohol is of a great benefit for our body.


Two studies of Norwegian and Swedish scientists recently reaffirmed the direct link between moderate alcohol consumption and better heart health.

Scientists were led by Imre Jansky, a professor of social medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). They analyzed the data of 60 thousand people with a healthy heart and their habits in alcohol consumption from 1995 to 2008. During the reporting period, slightly more than 1,500 of them suffered heart failure.

The researchers compared the data with those people who never or rarely reach for alcohol and found that consumption of 3-5 drinks per week reduces the risk of heart failure by 33 percent.

Those who drank one to three drinks per month were only by two percentage points of less risk. The results were published in the “Journal of Internal Medicine” and “International Journal of Cardiology”.

Scientists, however, warn that this does not mean that for the sake of the health of the heart you should start drinking in immoderate quantities.

– We do not want to encourage people to get drunk. Our study applies only to the cardiovascular system and it is important to emphasize that a little alcohol can be healthy for the heart. But that does not mean that for those who drink a little it is necessary to have a healthy heart – said Jansky.

While this is not the first study that connects moderate alcohol consumption with better heart health, the Scandinavian experts say that their study is more accurate, because studies were previously implemented in populations where consumption of alcohol is a common thing, such as Italy and France.

In Norway, this is not the case, for example, because in this country as much as 41 percent of people do not drink at all.