Check the most popular UN diet for fast weight lose!

Strict implementation of this diet leads in addition to weight loss and a change in metabolism, so the lost pounds can not come back. The diet lasts 90 days. If you need to weaken less weight, diet is interrupted earlier, but then there is no change of metabolism.

UN diet always starts with protein day, followed by starch, carbohydrate a day, fruit day, and again protein. ORDER OF DAYS can not be changed.

Now – let’s start with a description of the UN diet.

All 90 days FRUIT. You should eat two of the same fruit or a handful of dried fruit (count ’em 8 pieces, will be enough).

The first day – protein day

Meat, steamed, boiled or roast (3 pieces – Restaurant servings – 250 g) or 3 boiled or fried eggs or something of dairy products including soybeans.
Bread – a piece of whole-wheat bread
Salad – in unlimited quantities with a maximum of 1 tablespoon oil
Soup – obligatory (without noodles – 1 cup / 3 ounces) and if you consume dairy products then the soup is not required, drink yogurt or milk.

NOTE: Different types of protein do not interfere in one meal, not in a whole day.

The same as for lunch, but without soup and NO BREAD. Be sure that if you eat meat for lunch, you eat the same for dinner, and if you have eggs for lunch, eat he same for dinner.

The second day – STARCH DAY

Beans, peas, lentils, rice, potatoes – boiled, only with the addition of spices (salt, seasoning, pepper, ketchup, cooked tomatoes) – full plate
Bread – a piece

UN diet

The same as for lunch, but half measures. Dinner is WITHOUT BREAD

Third day – Day of carbohydrates

Cooked pasta with spices – ketchup or the like, or a pizza with only the addition of ketchup, or puffs in the amount of pizza in the pizzeria (eg. 3 rolls)

Two thin slices of cake or 3-4 cakes, or 3-4 scoops of ice cream
Required – 1 row of cooking chocolate

The fourth day – FRUIT DAY

Lunch and dinner
Only mixed fruit, as you want.

Additional notes:

– After circle of 7x 4 days, i.e. 29 days (three times during the diet) it comes the “water day”. Throughout the day is drinketh only water;
– Be sure after a fruit, and sometimes after a water day, is continuing with the protein day;
– You can coffee and tea, but without sugar. Juices kept to a minimum;
– Be sure to take 1 pill after the lunch, which contains a daily dose of vitamins and minerals;
– The break between portions on the first day is 4 hours, and on the second and third day is 3 hours; during the fruit day break between meals is 2 hours;
– Do not eat after 8 o’clock in the evening.

Everything that is listed must be eaten because it has its own role in the body. Fruit is a must for breakfast, because the fastest-energizes, chocolate on the third day also, because it protects the body from possible allergies.

The quantities of food are higher than usual, and food set to our conditions and climate. One must be consistent and persistent. It may happen that the first ten days does not come to weight loss, but then begins a sudden loss to even 3-4 pounds. After 90 days of the diet, an additional 90 days for breakfast you should eaten fruit, while lunch and dinner return to normal nutrition. During this period should lose another 3 kg, which is an indicator of changes in metabolism. If you don’t lose these 3 pounds, the diet should be repeated, but only after 3 months.

This diet must not extend more than 90 days – only after a pause of 3 months can be repeated another 90 days of this diet.