You can be poisoned: you should never heat these dishes!

Maybe you do not know that every food is not suitable for heating. Because bacteria are not destroyed during the cooking or protein or for molecules which penetrate the heat.

We all too often, preparing food for several days, then just reheat. However, some dishes change their composition and lose nutritional properties, and even become toxic. Here are some…




It is best to eat mushrooms immediately after preparation, and if they’re hold for a day, it is better to be eaten cold. This is important for soups as well as risotto, which is made with mushrooms. When mushrooms are heated it comes to a change in the composition of proteins, or even change the flavor of the food. They can then cause various digestive problems, and lose the health care benefits.



Like mushrooms, when the meat is heated it comes to a change in the composition of proteins. Therefore it is recommended heating to high temperatures, especially chicken, which contains more protein than red meat. If you heat it better place it at a lower temperature and heated for longer.



The potato is very nutritious food that should not be heated for the second time since it will lost most of its properties, and even become toxic. Eat immediately after preparation or even cold-then is the highest percentage of resistant starch credited for longstanding feeling of satiety. If you prepare a soup for a few days, add the potatoes subsequently.



Spinach is a food high in nitrates, which re-heating converts them into nitrite. They are potentially carcinogenic for human body, so make sure to eat spinach fresh or immediately after preparation.



Such as spinach and beets also contain nitrates which become extremely harmful to the repeated heating. This does not mean you can not eat this food the next day, just do not need to heat it again.



Celery, which is commonly used for soups, should be immediately removed after cooking, with carrots, and to eat it freshly prepared. It also contains nitrates. You can warm up the soup again if you removed celery and carrots.



Eggs are high risk food for reheating, which also become toxic because of exposure to exposed to high temperatures. This does not apply to foods where the eggs are included in sauces like bechamel, but refers to dishes with a cooked and scrambled eggs.