8 signs that show you may be suffering from diabetes! Pay attention!

Elevated levels of blood sugar, known as diabetes, is a health problem that is very common. Rehabilitation should start as soon as possible, otherwise may occur and serious heart and kidney problems. Also, it is very important to notice the symptoms as earlier as it can!

1. Feeling of stiffness

If you feel stiffness in the foot or hand it can be a sign of diabetes or nerve damage. This nerve disorder is a common sign of high blood sugar.

2. Problems with the skin

Some of the most common skin problems due to diabetes have skin pigmentation, rashes and blisters.

3. Blurry vision

Excess glucose or sugar in the body causes blood clotting which may result in blurred vision. It is important to immediately start with a therapy because this may significantly impair vision or lead to complete blindness.

4. Slow healing

Another common symptom is slow healing. The high level of glucose leads to this.

5. Sudden weight loss and the need to constantly eat

If you face a sudden loss of weight, and even practice or are on a diet, it could mean that diabetes causes loss of calories because you constantly urinate. If you are constantly hungry, it is because this disease does not allow cells to absorb enough glucose.

6. You are always tired

Increased urination and dehydration can cause constant fatigue. Also, you may experience fatigue due to lack of sugar in the body.

7. Hypersensitivity to infection

Patients and doctors have agreed that this disease is associated with sensitivity to infection.

8. The need for frequent drinking of water and urination

Both of these symptoms occur in elevated blood sugar.