8 great tips from experts for stomach without ‘a hose’ until summer

If you feel difficult, your stomach looks bloated and worry about how you look in your clothes is the right time to flatten the abdomen, especially with the adoption of little tricks and new eating habits.


1. Coconut oil for a slim waist

A study from Brazilian scientists found that obese women during a diet who daily practiced for half an hour, expelled from eating saturated fat and have taken 30 ml of coconut oil in the waist “lose” more centimeters than women who are on rigorous diets. Coconut oil is responsible for this effect because it stimulates digestion and removal of excess water from the body, but also speeds up the metabolism.

2. Rapid abs for forming muscle

Belly always looks better if is taut, and this can only be achieved by exercise, especially push-ups. While it is good to do any kind of push-ups, accelerating the pace activates muscles much more than a larger number of push-ups. Therefore, for abs on the belly, the rule is “less is more, but only if it is faster,” reveals fitness trainers.

3. Blueberries melt fat

Blueberries are an ideal ally of flat stomach, found a study found from the University of Michigan. Blueberries can be eaten fresh or frozen, and the best combination is with yogurt. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that stimulate faster burning calories, speed up the flow of blood and prevent the accumulation of fat, especially in the area of the abdomen.

4. Two eggs for breakfast and a flat stomach for dinner

Two boiled eggs are the perfect breakfast with a nutritional point of view, because they provide the body the necessary nutrients, and most importantly, give a feeling of satiety and not inflate. Also, the proteins in eggs does not cause the accumulation of fat, so it is good to eat them if your goal is weight loss and reduce the volume of waist.

5. More laughter for smaller stomach

Depression and stress are closely linked to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen depriving it of a regular diet. That is why there is a sudden drop in blood sugar, or overeating that promotes deposition of fat on the waist. This kind of fat is most difficult to lose, so instead of worrying rather invite your friends to socialize and treat yourself with a dose of laughter, which strengthens the abdominal muscles.

6. Rye bread and rolls with whole-grained cereals

Cereal fiber are an ally to the slim line, because larger amounts of starch from white bread absorb water in the body and cause bloating. You can mix various cereal seeds in salads and other dishes, and daily encourage the digest of healthy cereals and with practicing the results on the stomach will be quickly noticeable.

7. Interval training and weights

The training should not be monotonous, because the diversity will shock the body and encourage it to faster fat burning. Combine 20 minutes of cardio exercises on machines, then 20 minutes to lift the weights and do this three times a week, and you will lose more fat than static exercises in a longer duration.

8. Belly likes milk

Although milk contains fat, people who drink more milk on average have a lower waist circumference, according to a study at the University of Tennessee. The reason for this is the calcium, a mineral that in addition to the construction of the bone affects the acceleration of metabolism. But if you have bad lactose intolerance, completely avoid milk because despite nausea will bring you bloating as well.