5 proven tips for melting fat on the thighs! TRY!

Shorts, mini skirts and tights are a common sight on the streets of our cities. If wearing these fashion accessories is prevented by dissatisfaction of shape and size of the thigh, this is the time to try one of these tips:


1. Eat more protein

Proteins from fish, eggs and white meat are great allies for beautiful skin and strong muscles. For the processing of the protein body needs great energy, but consumption of food from this group of foods burn more calories and melting fat pads of the critical parts of the body.

2. Do squats

Regular physical activity is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle as well as an inevitable part of the exercise if you want to have shaped and thin thighs. The best exercises for this part of the body are squats that you can do it in any time of the day.

3. Anti-Cellulite

For the loss of centimeters on this part of the body will help the products for the fight against cellulite. Use homemade products that you can make yourself and with which, with regular use, and a massage, you can remove the unwanted appearance of orange peel.

4. Say goodbye to sugar

Give up industrial sweets and white flour. If you eat less sugar, and you will have less need for it. If you feel unbearable cravings settle for natural sweets such as carrots and beets or with some chocolate with at least 70% cocoa.

5. Relax

If you spend most of the day in the measurement of food and checking the weight, it will cause stress. When the body is under stress it secrets the hormone cortisol that encourages the collection of fatty deposits in critical areas, thereby delaying all your efforts. Instead, turn to a healthy lifestyle. Relax and results will surely arise.