45 easy, but medically proven tricks for weight loss!

1. To find out how much a person of your weight daily calorie needs, multiply your weight in kg by 31. For example if you have 60 kg: 60×31 = in 1860.
2. In the yogurt, add a little cinnamon every day. The taste is a powerful driver of metabolism. Half a teaspoon a day will help you burn 1 kg extra during the month.
3. Do not dine at your desk. Studies have shown that people who eat at the desk bring about 250 calories more per meal.
4. Laugh. With 10 to 15 minutes of laughter can burn up to 300 calories.
5. A glass of natural carrot juice will help you get through 12 weeks to lose more than 2 kg from persons who are on the same diet but did not drink carrot juice.
6. Take a calcium supplement. You will lose 2.6 percent more weight than nondrinkers of calcium.
7. During the exercise, listen to rhythmic music. It will further motivate you.
8. Red meat is rich in protein and helps maintain a healthy muscular mass, and muscles spend more calories than fat.
9. Do not exercise alone. People who exercise in groups burn more calories because they have greater incentive.
10. Eat red pepper. It contains a substance that stimulates the metabolism.

medically proven tricks for weight loss

11. Stress at work is the biggest cause of overeating. Control stress breathing, not overeating.
12. Exercising in the morning helps burn fat faster, because your body is forced to resort to accumulated reserves.
13. Replace snacks with fresh fruit.
14. Replace the sweetened juices with unsweetened lemonade.
15. Turn off the TV while eating. It is said that watching TV during meals increases food intake and your weight by about 3.5 kg per year.
16. Eat from smaller plates.
17. Always eat using cutlery properly, as if you are in a restaurant.
18. Cut the food before serving. People perceive cut rations for about 30 percent larger than those of the piece with equal weight.
19. Boiled egg breakfast is ideal because it is rich in valuable substances, and has a few calories.
20. A glass of red wine will also help you. In particular, reduces the chances of fat accumulation in the area around the belly.
21. Listen to classical music during the meal. This way you will be more relaxed, more chewing your food and more quickly you’ll feel satiety.
22. After meals chew 15 minutes of chewing gum, not to reach out for snacks.
23. More often make love. In addition to burning extra calories, is secreted hormone that stimulates metabolism.
24. Nar reduces the possibilities of the body to store fat, so when you have the opportunity, buy fruit.
25. Cook. Cooking also burns calories, but do not bite anything until the meal is done.
26. Drink green tea. It contains components that stimulate metabolism.
27. Enter at least one meal a week of spinach. It facilitates the body to more efficiently processes fat.
28. Whole milk and dairy products replace with less fatty.
29. Eat at least one meal a week with spicy hot red pepper. Enzymes in chili help the body use energy stored in fat, and not that of carbohydrates.
30. Eat bread with every meal. In that way you will be able to quickly saturate and enter a less fatty food than the bread.
31. Pome fruits contain good fats that fight against the bad, and also help fight heart disease.
32. When you drink juice drink to sip and after each sip put the glass down.
33. Eat breakfast. Those who skip breakfast have a slower metabolism.
34. Most people say that their meals of seafood facilitate weight loss.
35. Before a meal for a 15 minutes eat an apple. In this way you will consume on average 187 calories less.
36. For salads, use olive oil. It contains proteins that tell your body when is satiated, so it will help prevent overeating.
37. Tomato sandwich will help keep longer feeling of satiety, than the sandwich without the tomatoes.
38. Do not make too big break between meals or skip meals.
39. Eat pineapple. It contains substances that facilitate digestion.
40. Vinegar food accelerates the decomposition of fat, and eat a meal with a salad seasoned with vinegar.
41. Foods rich in vitamin C stimulate metabolism.
42. Always sit down to eat a meal. In this way you will consume a third less than if you eat on the go.
43. Eat in a company. Research shows that people eat less food, especially the women in the company of a man.
44. Avoid energy drinks.
45. Avoid alcohol.