2 strategies to remove stains from the skin

Do not overdo with exfuliation of the stains, especially if you have a darker complexion. In that case, you can cause backfired, is increased production of melanin. To avoid post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, dermatologists recommend the manual exfuliator (abrasive peeling, brushes) replace them with gentle chemical peeling (lactic or glycolic acid).



TRY HYDROQUINONE. Block enzymes that promote the production of melanin in the skin and is definitely the most efficient means for whitening pigmentation. Dermatologists use a combination of 4% of hydroquinone version with retinoids. In addition, hydroquinone can be bought on the free market at a concentration of 2%.

OR CHOOSE A GOOD ALTERNATIVE. Many ingredients can successfully replace hydroquinone, where by cause a lower level of irritation. Dermatologists are impressed by the action of an enzyme derived from mushrooms, which dilute pigments. In efficient options are included vitamin C, mushrooms and resveratrol. Look for products that contain as far as possible amount of these compounds.