15 people with Down syndrome tell a future mother what kind of life will have her child

Every year in America 6,000 children are born with Down syndrome. One of 691 baby is born with this genetic disease making it one of the most common diseases in this country. Nearly 400,000 Americans are born with Down syndrome.

Worldwide, on the other hand, has no official statistics on how big is the number of people who are born with Down syndrome.

Down syndrome

In any case this does not absolve parents of the care if they found out that they expect a child who has this genetic disease.

For this purpose is made a video by the Italian group Coor Down in which future mother asks what it’s like raising a child who has Down syndrome.

“I’m pregnant. I learned that my child has Down syndrome. I’m scared: What kind of life will my child have? “.

The organization tried to answer the best possible way – created a video in which people who have Down syndrome tell her what to expect: