Why You’ll Want To Think Twice Before Feeding Your Kids Nutella

For most people Nutella is one of the most delicious, chocolate-hazelnut spread that they have dreamed of when they were kids. The same goes for today’s kids, but before you buy them tomorrow a jar of Nutella, think twice because it has been found that the Nutella contain several types of poisonous ingredients.



We have heard a lot that sugar isn’t good for our health, so juts to know, Nutella contains exactly the addictive ingredients of sugar. This means that it has derived from a GMO known as sugar beef, which has been known to be inexpensive. It is full with pesticides and some other altered sugars that our body is not able to recognize.


It has been also proven that the Nutella contain soy. Although among people who don’t eat meat it is recommended consummation of soy, but that’s just for them. Nutella contains soy lecithin which is actually the opposite of healthy for the humans and it is connected with a lot of health problems like: premature entry into puberty, thyroid depression, uncontrolled weight gain, late menstruation and even breast cancer.


As in many other foods is used artificial, the same goes for Nutella. It contains Vanillin which is actually an artificial flavor. Mostly it’s used to trick your brain and make you think that you are actually tasting real vanilla flavor. It is a neurotoxin that has the ability to kill your brain cells, and at the top of that the vanillin makes us addicted. This is because it connects the receptors in our brains which are releasing our hormones of happiness and serotonin.

Skim Milk

Nutella is made with skim milk, which in fact is not real. Actually it is a pus filled milk from sick cows which were exposed to GMO’s, because it’s decreasing the costs. To explain it better, the milk that have been found in the Nutella is from dangerous kind and it causes bad cholesterol and other conditions.