You Will Be Shocked How This 17-YEAR-OLD GIRL Lost Half Her Weight in Just 1 Year!

A young 17-year-old woman from Portland is celebrating her success in losing 400 pounds in just 15 months.

Kaitlyn Smith was suffering from obesity with 414 pounds and consequently from depression. She has been constantly bullied at high school when she was younger, her class mates pointed and laughed at her. And it was not just them, but people on the streets were watching her and talking about her look.
Kaytlin was considering a gastric bypass surgery, but when she went to consult a doctor, he was quite rude and told her that she will never succeed in losing weight. Therefore, she decided that she would lose weight by herself the best way she knew.

She decided to completely improve her life by changing her eating habits and entire lifestyle. She hired personal trainer that put her on a strict regime that required a lot of hard work, tears, sweat, and determination.

The most difficult part for her during that process was herself, as she was afraid that she will never succeed and that losing weight is too hard, even impossible. But at the end, she has realized that she must do it and that she needed to get rid of all the negative thoughts if she wanted to be a winner in her own fight.

Her routine included weight-loss program that was based on healthy and nutritious food and rigorous six-day exercise routine. Every day was a challenge, but she did not succumb to it and overcame all the obstacles. After 15 months, Kaitlyn was able to look at herself in the mirror and be proud of herself and her new body. However, that was not the end of her battle with obesity.

After she half her weight, she was left with a lot of excess skin that led to infection, joint pain, tearing and mental distress. For that reason, the only way she could get rid of all that excess skin was through a cosmetic surgery. However, she did not have enough money to do it, so she decided to start a GoFundMe where people could donate funds to help her cover the cost of her surgery.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon, heard about her incredible determination and amazing transformation, so he decided to do the surgery for free. Kaitlyn underwent three cosmetic procedures until all of her excess skin was removed and there was nothing left anymore, to worry about.

Now, she finally feels and looks like a completely different person. She is enjoying and living life to the fullest. She is no longer depressed, bitter, anxious and unhappy. She goes out often and is and more outgoing person who loves and appreciates herself.