Who says ice cream is reserved only for the summer days?

ice cream
If during the winter months have a desire for this dessert, but your health is good, it is free to surrender to such wish!

The only thing in the winter that can distract us from the cold dessert, as the doctors say, is possible uncomfortable feeling, but for lovers of ice cream is already known.

However, the icecream during the winter months is not only safe, but also a great solution.

It is rich in protein and nutrition and has its own justification. And all the accessories which according to personal taste we add in this dessert and further increase its nutritional value.

On the other hand, the fact that it is about a cold commodity for many is a key reason for the winter to avoid it, but precisely because ice cream follows the outside temperature in winter is a good choice, nutritionists recommend.

Winter ice cream due to lack of thermal shock he gets advantage over the enjoyment in it during the hot months.


Ice cream therapy

On the list of positive sides of the IceCream should be put and its therapeutic actions. And it is precisely in the hospitals that ice cream is given as a first food after surgery tonsils.

Ice cream collect blood vessels and thus prevent inflammation. And because after the operation of the tonsils appears swallowing, precisely because in this situation the ice cream is good food, nutritionists emphasize.

The culture also affects the ice cream

Ice cream and affect culture

Do you eat IceCream in winter or in summer, largely depends on the culture. In our country this dessert is mainly reserved for during the summer months.

In Russia however winter enjoyment of ice cream is a common sight. Russians in winter eat cold desserts and in summer drink warm tea.

The temperature justification, i.e harmonization of foods with the seasons for them is the best explanation. And this rule follow also the residents of the Scandinavian countries.


Can not go without ice cream in January, here’s a good recipe for you:


● 200 g homemade marmalade
● 150 g water
● 4 bags whipped cream


Marmalade first crush it a bit with a fork and mix. Stir the whipped cream and slowly add it to the jam, and then divide the mixture into containers and place them in the freezer. Decorate the ice cream with whipped cream, fruit or chocolate. For this IceCream is best to choose a jam of strawberries, raspberries, apricots or currants.