Unbelievable! Girl from India has taken out more than 1,000 ants from the ears

The case of the girl from India Shreje Darddzhi (12) is a real mystery to doctors. Namely, on this girl, doctors from the girl ears have taken out more than 1000 ants and beetles still appear in her head.

The problem was first noticed in August last year, when the parents brought the girl to the doctor because they thought she had an infection. However, it was ascertained that the ears have a real anthill.


Her parents say that from her ears have taken out about ten ants. Doctors were able to determine that the ants come there so they can reproduce.

In her ears we did not find anything abnormal. Ants do not cause pain even though stung. Her family lives in a normal animal health and environment, so we can not blame their living conditions. Such a thing has not yet seen, says the doctor Dzhavahar Talasnija.

– We have made all possible tests including the recording of magnetic resonance imaging and findings are wrong, added doctor Dzhavahar.