Smart diet: For 10 days you can lose up to 5 kg

If you find it necessary in express term to lose a few excess kilos and want to eat healthy, this is the right diet for you. The weight will not return, promise its creators, and there will be no detrimental effects on mental and physical health.
The diet lasts 10 days and not a day more. What’s best is that you make the meal plan and adjust to your needs and desires. Practice because it’s the only way you can get rid of excess fat. It is important to sweat a lot, whether running, brisk walking or cycling.
Also, it is important to exercise during the diet, because without exercise will not have results. Eat different fruits, as each fruit contains certain ingredients that are necessary for your body to function normally. The same goes for vegetables, cooked or boiled – some vegetables are good antioxidants, others are good because the fibers that help digestion, and others because of their vitamins and minerals.
Someone vegetables will also help you in losing weight, another will help the skin does not lose color and tone, that will help to restore the shine.
Let the carrots, lettuce, tomatoes to dominate, and eat whatever is possible “Pochard” vegetables. On your dietary menu can be the vegetable soup as well. As for fruit, eat it in large quantitiesand for this diet the best fruit is papaya, apples, strawberries, grapefruit and raspberries.
These fruits will not only help in burning fat, but one will also get the necessary vitamins. Also, instead of fruits and vegetables, you can eat yogurt with muesli natural.
During the diet you have to forget the bread, meat, cheese, pasta and sweets. The fact that fruits and vegetables will help in losing weight does not mean that you should eat every hour and in unlimited quantities.
You must have four main meals a day – breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. For every meal, eat one cup (2 deciliters) fresh vegetables and a glass of fruit. Instead of soup, you can eat tasty salad of vegetable. Season it with lemon, not with dressings.
Breakfast: 1 cup of chopped fruit, 1 cup of tomato juice or a cup of yogurt.
Lunch: 1 cup vegetable soup or a plate of lettuce, a cup of chopped fruit.
Snack: A cup of chopped fruit.
Dinner: Salad of vegetables – cucumber, carrot, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage soup bowl, cup chopped fruit.