Parents a Must Know: How to Save a Baby That Stopped Breathing!

You probably didn’t know this, but one in four parents have no idea what to do if their babies stop breathing, and only a quarter of parents knew what should have be done, according to a survey.

In fact, many parents refuse to think about it at all because are so terrified at the thought that their child will stop breathing. Therefore they don’t know how CPR is performed on the little baby, but it could at some point could save their life, so if you don’t know about this as well, you should read carefully!


Because of that, St John Ambulance made a brilliant video to help by explaining how to perform CPR on a baby.

“We ask all parents to learn the technique of reviving the baby and share video to all parents, grandparents and all those who care for the children in order to know what to do in those critical minutes after the baby stops breathing,” says the hospital St . John.

Here’s how to perform CPR on the baby who stopped breathing:

1. Call an ambulance. If you’re on your own, you need to give one minute’s worth of CPR before you can call for help, taking your baby with you.

2. Place your baby on a flat surface and gently tilt their head toward the back to open the airway.

3. Put your lips around their mouth and nose and blow steadily for up to one second. Give five puffs in total. The procedure that you’re performing is actually CPR.

4. Using two fingers in the centre of the chest, give 30 pumps at a rate of 100-120 per minute.

5. Put your mouth on the baby’s mouth and nose and gently inhale 2 times.

6. Then again, place two fingers on the baby’s chest and pump 30 times in the same rhythm.

7. Repeat a series of two breaths and 30 pumping in calm rhythm until the ambulance comes, to keep the baby alive.