NUTRITION ACCORDING TO BLOOD TYPE: Find out what suits your body and so behave

What and how to eat in relation to blood type you have, subject to the interests of a doctor who has developed a special diet plan for each group.

The physician Peter J. D’Adamo believes that health can be significantly improved if diet adapted to their blood group. Therefore, it is made by a small guide what nutrition to eat and what to avoid, and that it corresponds to the blood group you belong to.


Blood type A

People of blood group A are quite realistic, firmly standing on their feet. Strive to live so that they have meaning, harmony and rhythm. Such people tend to calm their mind and they mostly enjoy when are surrounded by positive people, helpers.

From time to time, stress, kick them out of balance, causing hormonal disorders.

People of blood group A should eat very simple, light food. Most of them fit the light vegetarian kitchen, because it is best if we want to avoid the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Perhaps it is difficult to stop consuming meat and meat products, or soy, legumes and vegetables actually work beneficial to sensitive immunity. In addition, these people are recommended some gently exercises after eating.

Blood type A should included in their diet as many fruits, legumes, vegetables and grains.

Blood type B

What characterizes people with blood group B is that these are individuals who succeed even in impossible situations. These are people who are very resourceful. In addition, these are people who are of pliable nature, always observe both sides and are open minded.

Their primary goal would be to find a balance in life. It is known how they produce elevated cortisol, when they are under pressure. They are easy prey for autoimmune diseases, but are, in the best physical condition from all groups and are extremely sane.

They love to eat, but should expelled from the diet foods such as corn, peanuts, lentils and buckwheat. In order to keep blood sugar under control they should eat a lot more vegetables, eggs and low-calorie dairy products.

As far as meat, should avoid chicken, because it is not good for this blood type because it can encourage heart attack or disrupt the pressure.

Replace chicken with lamb.


Blood type zero is excellent for digesting proteins, fats and calcium. They have elevated levels of chemical composition and enzymes that promote absorption in the body. They are susceptible to infections, stomach ulcers, because they have elevated levels of acid in the stomach. Just as with other groups, the goal is to manage stress.

People with blood group zero tend to react impulsively, and they often jumps pressure. Therefore, their doctor D’Adamo recommends foods rich in protein, and it’s meat, game, fish, fruit and vegetables.

They must avoid alcohol and coffee, and should reduce the amount of grains, dairy products and legumes. All this raises adrenaline, and people with zero blood type don’t need that.

Blood type AB

Blood type AB has only five percent of the population. Just as blood type A, has low levels of stomach acid, but just like the group B, all kinds of meat doesn’t suits to this type of blood. Therefore, it has a hard time to digest but has a tendency of storage, more precisely, it easily converted to fat.

This is a blood type that does not match caffeine and alcohol. People AB blood types should eat more fish, vegetables and dairy products. Due to slow digestion and propensity to food easily converted into fat, the blood group should pay attention to the combination of foods consumed.

For example, avoid bread and meat, and carbohydrates and proteins.

People of blood group AB, if they are exposed to chronic stress, produce increased levels of adrenaline and emotions, such as anger or rage, responding both to feel the effects on the body. Therefore, for such people is the best to combine two types of exercises.

First: Exercise that has soothing effect, just like the yoga or tai chi do, and the other could be an intense workout in the fitness room or riding a bike, for example, the dynamic hilly track.