A new method: Scientists on track to find a cure for leukemia

Scientists from “Fred Hutchinson” Research Centre for cancer in Seattle, found a new, revolutionary method to treat acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
This method is still under research, but the results showed that during the research gave hope that the cure for one of the worst diseases of today could soon be found in use.
This therapy uses own immune cells to attack the metastasis of cancer. Doctors treated T lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells, using special molecules to enable them to recognize and attack tumor stations and then returned to the body through an infusion. Molecules that have been used are known as chimeric antigen receptors derived from specially bred genetically modified mice.
The reason for hope is that these studies have given excellent results. 94% of participants in clinical research on these therapies had no symptom of leukemia.FVOsfT1
Another thing that makes this find so important is that the rate of successful treatment was achieved in patients with end-stage disease and to which doctors predicted two to five months to live.
“This has never before been observed in medicine, frankly, to get such results in patients in whom the disease lasts longer. However, we have a long way to the final decision,” said Stanley Riedel, head of the research.