Naturally increase levels of the hormone of happiness!

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s response to reward and pleasure. He is responsible for motivation and focus. At the level of dopamine can affect and increase it in a completely natural way.

Do not become dependent on dopamine

A large number of people becoming dependent on dopamine because it provides a pleasant feeling, similar to that provided by drugs, alcohol, sex, and a range of other addictions. Dependence on dopamine will have exactly the opposite effect on your mood, concentration and motivation. By constantly increasing the levels of dopamine are developing resistance to dopamine, which makes you the same feeling of comfort required increasing the dose of dopamine.

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Solve your obligations

The level of dopamine increases when we organized and fulfill our obligations, regardless of whether they are small or large. Let your brain not to be occupied and worried about the obligations that need to be completed. Instead, write them down, fill out and remove from the list. It has been shown that dopamine levels are increased and more stable when we are organized and we finish all the tasks on time and in efficient manner. For the effect to be even better, write down all of the obligations and check off once you fix them.

Do something creative

Writers, painters, singers, dancers and other artists may have elevated levels of dopamine. When you do something creative, we become very focused. You are entering a state in which a sense of satisfaction flows through your body. Dopamine is one that allows you to enter into such a state. Take part in creative activities that interest you.


As well as relieves stress and improves health, exercise can increase the levels of dopamine and make you more productive. More specifically, exercise increases the level of neurotransmitters in the body responsible for mood – serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. Exercise does not need to be intense to have a positive effect. Just a little walk and stay in the fresh air.

Set goals

Just like the to-do list, specifying the list of goals can increase the levels of dopamine in a completely natural way. Set short-term and long-term goals. For example, specify that you exercise every two days, and the end of the month to try a new activity. How will you achieve goals on the list, check off them and update the list of new goals. In this way the level of dopamine will be constantly elevated.

Increase the level of tyrosine

Of all the chemical compounds that affect dopamine levels, none is so important as tyrosine. The level of tyrosine can increase the intake of certain foods:

– almonds
– avocado
– banana
– beef
– chicken
– chocolate
– coffee
– eggs
– green tea
– milk
– watermelons
– yogurt.

With a proper diet beat depression!

Listen to music

Have you ever wondered why music make you happier? You can be in a very bad mood, and as soon as you start listening to one of his favorite songs, your mood is improving. Music increases the level of dopamine. In fact, studies have shown that music has the same effect on the brain like eating favorite food or watching sitcoms.


Like exercise, meditation has a great influence on the physical and mental health. One of the habits that usually causes addiction is over-analyzing and thinking. This is the action that does not affect the body positively in any way, and disrupts your peace of mind. Prayer, meditation and awareness increases the level of dopamine and improves mental health.

Try meditation according to your personality!

Take appropriate supplements

There are supplements that help you increase the level of dopamine in a completely natural way and they are:

– L – tyrosine,
– curcumin
– ginkgo biloba
– L – theanine.

Clean the body of toxins

From time to time you need to clean the body of accumulated toxins that disrupt the functioning of every cell. In order to do the detoxify every day, and improved elimination of toxins on a daily basis, consume fermented foods, sleep enough, cutting down on fatty and sugary foods.