Jennifer Aniston owes her perfect line thanks to this drink

Jennifer Aniston has revealed the recipe for smudi which is helping to maintain her impeccable line. Besides helping to maintain beautiful and healthy body, cherries and chocolate flavor are the reason why you would want this drink to be on your menu every day.

Jennifer Aniston with her fans share the recipe for the smudi drink without which she can not imagine beginning of the day.

Jennifer says that this drink is responsible for her line and glossy skin, and what makes it special is its rich, creamy, chocolate taste that everyone can enjoy.

If you want to try the magical drink of Jennifer Aniston, we provide the recipe which you can prepare for a few minutes.
Recipe for smudi with the signature of Jennifer Aniston


»1 cup chocolate almond milk
»1 cup frozen cherries
»1 tablespoon protein powder (flavored cocoa)
»½ tablespoon poppy powder
»¼ tablespoon of mineral drops
»½ frozen banana
»1 handful of blueberries
»2 to 3 drops of stevia
»5 almonds


1. In a blender add the almond milk, mineral drops and stevia.
2. Then add the almonds, fruit, Macon and protein powder.
3. All ingredients mix well and transfer the drink in a cup.
4. The smudi drink in the morning on an empty stomach.